lizzie. 22. boston. i like selfies, chocolate chip cookies, and when middle aged women talk about sheep.

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I am a miserable creature!!!

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Lipstick, a leather dress, and a vintage blazer is usually not my style, but I’m thinking maybe it should be.




it’s weird being actually sort of confident about a thing you are doing

i don’t mean this as completely self-deprecating as it sounds

confidence is just

not normally

a thing that i feel

and now i sort of feel like


1. how do u platonically tell someone you want to platonically touch her butt

2. how come i know so many totally dreamy people

3. god dammit i had other points i wanted to make in this fucking post but i got distracted by butts

I just got cast in what is maybe the scariest piece of theater I have ever read and involves me doing a majority of it on my own and all of it in a Slavic accent and I’m terrified for my life and really excited and I’m getting paid to be an actress you guys!!!!!???

How does the person that brings you the greatest easiest simplest joy in the world also have the ability to make you the saddest saddest saddest version of yourself there is?