lizzie. 22. boston. i like selfies, chocolate chip cookies, and when middle aged women talk about sheep.

Anonymous said:
I like that you like the same older ladies that I do and I like that you're nice and pretty

Older ladies bring me together with the most important people. I dig you, anon.

tell me something u dig about me on anon


1. How soon is too soon for an “I miss you” text

2. I am moving into a new apartment so can I wallpaper with pix of Lana Parrilla or

just got my faculty ID

at a college


this picture is better validate me I am needy

I put green in my hair but Maria Doyle Kennedy made me do it.


Sometimes I wonder “what if there wasn’t a person in my life who will say the words Sherie Rene Scott and be totally ok with me discontinuing all conversation so I can caw about her loudly” and other times I talk to you on the phone. It doesn’t matter how long we don’t talk because we always can pick back up into what’s most important (like stupid people who expect me to look at men on stage in theatrical endeavors and t-shirts that say “girls don’t like boys girls like aliens and Dana Scully.”) You’re good.

I wanna do that numbers meme wanna send me numbers so I can talk about how much I love you???

the fam is watching golf and I’m crying about maria doyle kennedy being a mermaid soOoOo

how do I get the green in my hair to look like the green in maria doyle kennedy’s hair

I’m not supposed to still feel sad and confused and upset and hurt by her and something that makes her happy. But I do feel awfully sad and confused and upset and hurt today. I wish I knew how to love her as a friend instead of as an everything.